Empowerment and restoration for women who have survived modern-day slavery

Empowerment and restoration for women who have survived modern-day slavery. 



Iysha is committed to working toward a society where slavery, servitude, slavery-like practices such as forced labour and forced marriage, human trafficking and extreme labour exploitation are abolished.

Iysha empowers and restores female survivors of human trafficking through a decentralised model of supported accommodation. We place women with 'safe families' for a period of time instead of putting them in 'safe houses'. This 'safe family' model is scalable, sustainable and restorative.



A safe, stable and supported living environment is the first building block to rehabilitation, recovery and restoration for trafficked survivors. However, the funding and administration required to buy or rent houses and then staff them with support workers is significant and can be unsustainable for smaller charities.

Innovative organisations often use existing infrastructure to solve a problem or meet a need. In community development, this is referred to as an asset based approach rather than a needs based approach. The question then follows… What if we don’t need to buy or rent safe houses for trafficked survivors? What if we place women into healthy, stable families for a designated period of time to help foster their rehabilitation, recovery and restoration?

There are functional and stable families in the wider Australian community who have the capacity to provide accommodation to survivors of human trafficking for a period of time. Decades ago we de-institutionalised the care of children who were unable to reside with a parent by closing down our orphanages and transitioned them into foster families. On a global scale, this is now best practice.  Surely the same concept can apply to survivors of modern-day slavery?


Houses accommodate but families restore.



Iysha Model

The family environment is important to ongoing empowerment and restoration. We offer professional practitioner support through a centralised service and decentralised supported accommodation through host family placement. This provides survivors with essential building blocks to recovery like physical safety, daily emotional support and transport to and from appointments. 

Our long-term vision is to develop a framework that is effective, sustainable and a best practice model so that we can literally roll this out across the globe. We believe that the most effective and sustainable framework is a community based, host family model. Women are placed into carefully selected host families for a period of six to twelve months and the host family receive an allowance in recognition of the added cost of having an additional adult in their home.


Iysha accepts self-referrals as well as referrals from the Police and other welfare agencies.


We offer supported accommodation through a community based, host family model. Through this service, the woman and host family will receive support from a qualified practitioner.


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